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5 Outsourcing Myths, Busted!

As summer approaches and we tell tales around the campfire, let’s do some myth-busting! As a leading global outsourcing partner for nearly two decades, SEBPO can shed some light on some widely-held misconceptions about the practice. We understand the advantages, challenges, and realities that come with starting your outsourcing journey. 

Let’s debunk some of the most notorious myths and misconceptions about outsourcing so you can make informed business decisions.

Myth: It’s only about saving money 

When people hear that a company is thinking about outsourcing, the general conclusion is that it’s just another attempt to cut costs. When done correctly with the right outsourcing partner, however, your people and the teams you build will benefit the most.

Your internal team members can offload cumbersome and time-consuming tasks so they can focus on revenue-generating initiatives. Employees that are able to use their skills fully are happier and perform at higher levels, giving your company a competitive edge. 

Myth: You’ll lose your best employees if you outsource

Another spooky myth is that once a company outsources, they cut their employee base down to the quick. In our experience, we’ve seen just the opposite. Outsourcing gives companies scale and flexibility to ramp up support for their employees during busy periods when internal teams are spread thin or operating lean. 

Over the years, we have discovered that the keys to employee retention boil down to strong foundations, flexibility, belonging, experience, and future-proofing. Outsourcing can reinforce each of these pillars in the following way: 

Four Pillars SEBPO: strong foundations, flexibility, belonging, experience, and future-proofing

With the right outsourcing partner, you can alleviate burnout and retain your top talent.

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Myth: Output quality will suffer

Quality and accuracy are part of what set SEBPO apart from other outsourcing companies. We strive to maintain our near-perfect accuracy percentages in each of our core service areas and 2022 was no exception:

SEBPO 2023 Accuracy Percentages Banner

“What’s beautiful about the partnership is that it really opened our eyes to some of our blind spots. We really saw SEBPO as a strategic partner. Not just another team where we’re offloading tasks we don’t have time to handle. But it’s about looking at our processes, productivity, efficiencies, and continuously finding ways to improve. That has always been our philosophy.”
– Jonelle Lasala – Mansueto Ventures’ VP of Sales Planning and Revenue Operations

Myth: Keeping all employees in one location is imperative for a successful business

In the past, best practices indicated that having all employees on-site for set working hours is the most efficient way to do business. This ideology, however, closes a business to the myriad of possibilities that come from having a remote workforce. The idea of working from home isn’t going away any time soon, either; according to a 2022 Gallup poll, 60% of remote-capable workers want a long-term hybrid arrangement.

Why not use the concept of remote work to your advantage? 

In the case of outsourcing, a remote team can mean integrating cost-efficient talent that can work around the clock to meet your needs. The inherent time zone differences in an off-shore partnership enable outsourced team members to complete any assigned work after your company’s working hours. These efficiencies mean that your company can be productive nearly 24/7/365. With an outsourced team on your side, you can meet customer deadlines more nimbly and consistently, leading to increased revenue. 

A good outsourcing partner will make sure that there is a thorough and efficient communication plan in place to make your outsourced team a true part of your organization, no matter where they are. 

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Myth: Only big enterprises can outsource

There are many benefits to outsourcing for companies ranging from large to small. Outsourcing on any level:

  • alleviates internal burnout
  • brings in specialized expertise
  • reduces expenses
  • promotes workflow and process efficiency
  • guarantees flexibility
  • provides a fresh perspective to organizational opportunities

Leveraging this option doesn’t have to be a scary story told around the campfire – in fact, it can drive successful outcomes for your people, business, and core objectives.

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Get in touch today to spark your outsourcing journey and learn how a SEBPO Team of experts can help create efficiencies that will have an immediate impact on your organization and employees.

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