Client Stories


SEBPO Teams can be leveraged in different ways, and for different reasons. Some clients leverage us for scale, others to access top talent and industry best practices. These client stories outline specific examples of how our clients can excel by using SEBPO Teams.

24/7/365 Global Scalability

SEBPO partnered with one of the most established multimedia companies in the world, which nearly a billion people rely on every day. The client was undergoing a run of acquisitions with media, technology and communication brands and needed to unify their platform with over 150 points of presence on six continents.


Custom Delivery Reporting

The client funnels a majority of display ad trafficking through SEBPO, including custom delivery-report generation. Delivery reports are pulled from the client’s platform and provide data essential to ad tracking, end-of-campaign analysis, invoicing and other account procedures.


Business Continuity During COVID-19

In early 2020, public health agencies identified a rapidly spreading global outbreak of COVID-19. Because the virus spread through person-to-person contact, governments put stay-at-home measures in place for citizens. These measures challenged businesses to keep operations running smoothly while ensuring employee safety.


AdTech DCO

This ad tech client was a pioneer in offering its clients a unique digital advertising platform that customized display ads by using a technology called Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO). Using DCO, content and messaging in ads would be customized to various unique characteristics of the viewer.


DSP Ad Tech

The client’s programmatic platform excels at helping clientele with search retargeting, site retargeting, and custom campaigns. The platform’s unstructured data is ideally suited for creating custom target audiences that allow businesses to execute highly complex campaign strategies.


Video Ad Tech

Founded in 2007, the client is a video marketing pioneer, offering its clients a suite of production applications that cover the full life cycle of video advertising campaigns—from production and management through analytics and optimization.


Risk Protection Partnership

In 2008, the company was looking for the right organization that could help them with their back-office processing (BPO) work, particularly one they could rely on for extensive data management and analysis aggregation, plus testing and quality assurance support.


Mobile Tech QA Services

This mobile development client helps companies create interactive content for touchscreen devices through their unique combination of software and storytelling. Their software platform is used by businesses to quickly create and share interactive mobile content and applications.


Global Ad Operation

A leading global ad management technology company, this client delivers creative and impactful end-to-end digital advertising campaigns across mobile, display, rich media, video and social, all powered by an unrivaled data platform.