Client Stories: DSP Ad Tech


DSP Ad Tech


SEBPO partnered with a well-known advertising technology company that enables businesses to execute highly complex campaign strategies from custom target audiences in the digital advertising industry. Their demand-side programmatic platform allows campaign managers to optimize the value of real-time bidding advertising exchanges. The client was experiencing exponential growth and needed to scale rapidly in order to meet increasing customer demands.


To maintain aggressive growth targets, the client required new staffing, in greater numbers, with increased experience and expertise. Turning away from previous strategy that relied on part-time employees, interns, and other temporary staffing, they initiated a search for an outsourcing partner. The client required immediate access to highly educated and skilled Ad Operations professionals to effectively accommodate their needs.

After a thorough and competitive evaluation of eight vendors, SEBPO stood out as the partner of choice. SEBPO won the business based on deep expertise, Client Success Team support, and accuracy that is unparalleled in the industry.


SEBPO immediately implemented a number of measures, including the following:

  • The addition of a dedicated team of 10 ad operations resources covering two shifts to mirror the client’s regular hours (1,616 hours of support per month).
  • Campaign management functions to complement the client’s existing programmatic platform. This was a strategic decision to ensure quality training while also providing exemplary service and accuracy.
  • A thorough governance process including two daily status emails to detail task progress, weekly calls led by SEBPO’s Client Success Team and quarterly performance reports.

These measures had an immediate positive impact as described below:

  • Client experienced a 305 increase in campaigns and a 17% increase in total advertisers.
  • SEBPO support expanded to 15,660 hours/month to cover three shifts, allowing work to be completed 24/7/365.
  • Client drastically reduced operational efforts directed toward recruiting, hiring and training by quickly adding 80 additional resources to the team. With SEBPO’s “train-only-once” policy, the initial team trained the new team members, enabling the client to focus on strategic business needs.
  • Client utilization rates hovered at or near 100% with a 99.85% campaign accuracy rate.
  • The client’s customers were, and continue to be, delighted, reallocating even more of their ad spend to the client’s platform.


“I just wanted to inform you that SEBPO did a huge case for us – it was 300 builds and it was great work. The west region has expressed to me that they are so thankful and impressed for the great job. They even said it was a ‘lifesaver.’ So thank you, SEBPO, for saving some lives over here.”