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Global Ad Operations


A leading global ad management technology company, this client delivers creative and impactful end-to-end digital advertising campaigns across mobile, display, rich media, video and social, all powered by an unrivaled data platform. More than 42,000 next generation advertisers, agencies, publishers and trading desks rely on the company’s offerings and flexible third-party platform integrations to connect to their audiences, which reflect 1.3 trillion impressions a year.  The client operates on the ground in about 65 countries with a team of approximately 1,000 employees.


In 2010, the company needed to find a partner that could expertly handle its heavy-lifting, time-intensive, repetitive ad operations work. They wanted to reduce costs and also free up their own internal staff so they could better use their time talking to their clients and building their core business. They also needed the process to be more flexible and responsive, so seasonal ad campaigns and resources could be rapidly scaled up or down.


The company chose SEBPO to handle a majority of their display ad operations, including custom delivery report generation. Custom delivery reports are also pulled from the client’s platform and provide data essential to ad tracking, end of campaign analysis, invoicing, and other account procedures.

The client and SEBPO relationship continues to expand and enjoy mutual success. SEBPO’s teams in the US and Bangladesh have become extensions of the company. Well versed in their company culture and business, SEBPO teams can rapidly scale to support the client’s advertising operations needs as they change. As ad operations experts, SEBPO brings the flexibility, knowledge base, can-do culture, and continual cross-training of its teams which allows the client to focus its team on serving its customers and increasing revenue.

Strategic thinkers. High-caliber and well-educated teams. A flexible and adaptable culture, able to scale quickly. Content experts. Nimble and seamless support. Cost and time savings. Taking the worry out of ad operations. Great outcomes.

Some of the reasons why the multi-year partnership continues to prosper.


“One of the greatest things that SEBPO does — and they definitely do it better than us – is they are amazing at logistics, and ongoing knowledge transfer.”

—Head of Vendor Management, Global Ad Management Tech Company

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