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IAOP OWS16 What SEBPO Learned

Association Alliance Meeting Seminar Conference


On The Road With SEBPO | OWS 2016; Disney Yacht Club, FL

From February 15-17th, we sent Lauren Kochan, our Director of Technology, and Mark Thompson, our Vice President of Global Service Delivery, to The Outsourcing World Summit® in Florida. OWS is IAOP’s annual gathering and also the world’s largest conference in the outsourcing space. It has been held more than 30 times on five continents and is renowned for the quality of its speakers and the depth of its educational programs.

Attendees of the event had the opportunity to sit in on dozens of presentations and meet many peers, advisors, and potential clients. Topics ranged from ‘How Sourcing Professionals Can Lead from the Front’ to ‘Conquering Complexity in a Multi Sourced Ecosystem.’

Our key takeaways from the conference included:

  • Future proof your business: As technology evolves, businesses must do the same in order to remain relevant. Flexibility is the key to keeping service offerings current.
  • Be creative and innovative: Incorporating these two components into your business model will drive the value of your brand and provide fuel to continue growing. The “lift and shift” model of Business Product Outsourcing is dead, and providing innovation in outsourcing engagements is key to winning contracts and staying in the marketplace.
  • Fail quickly and cheaply: True innovators apply what they learn during challenges and crises to new opportunities.

Our team also learned about the changing behavior of clients that hire outsourcing companies:

  • Clients are becoming more focused on long-term cost savings as opposed to short term gains.
  • Clients place increased value on their partner’s approach to corporate social responsibility. Factors such as labor practices, fair operating procedures, and human rights reflect on clients, not just on vendors and partners.

At ServicEngineBPO, we recognize the importance and value of social impact throughout our enterprise. At our facility in Dhaka, Bangladesh, we recruit and hire only the most qualified individuals. Many of our team members have earned Master’s Degrees in Engineering and Computer Science. By offering superior training and career development opportunities, SEBPO has become one of the fastest growing companies providing total BPO and information technology solutions for small and large businesses.

Attending conferences like IAOP keeps our leadership team abreast of new trends and technologies in the outsourcing industry. We are constantly evolving and adapting to reflect these new standards to produce quality and timely results for our clients from discovery to delivery.


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