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Rockstars in the Outsourcing Industry: How SEBPO’s Ray Adamson has Built Strong Foundations for a Prosperous 2023


Rockstars in the Outsourcing Industry: How SEBPO’s Ray Adamson has Built Strong Foundations for a Prosperous 2023

Ray Adamson, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development
Ray Adamson, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development

Our Senior VP of Corporate Development, Ray Adamson, started his journey with SEBPO thirteen years ago. Ray has since developed extensive knowledge and experience in the outsourcing world, becoming our in-house industry leader. 

As an invaluable resource, Ray recently sat down with Beeler.Tech’s Founder, Rob Beeler, for a podcast to discuss some of Ray’s main takeaways from his long-time experience with SEBPO and the outsourcing industry. 

Takeaway #1: The Great Resignation and The Remote World 

“If you don’t support your people, they have the option to leave. And they will.”

In a previous interview with AdMonsters, Ray noted that The Great Resignation inspired a “new level of employee needs based on looking at people’s lives holistically.” For unhappy employees, simple band-aids don’t do the trick. The relationship people have with work and their jobs have changed and, because of this, the relationship between company and employee has changed, too. 

For SEBPO, and for many other companies and employees out there, remote work’s inherent flexibility has helped solve this problem. It means never missing out on their childrens’ school plays, family commitments, or unexpected events that come with life. 

Additionally, because of our strong foundation in remote work, our clients leaned on us for help when the pandemic threatened to derail their businesses. We were well-prepared because the nature of our global business is working remotely. 

But simply instituting remote work isn’t the answer. Organizations must implement a strong company culture to keep employees engaged and feeling valued. As Ray explains, “you always want to show [employees] upward mobility within their company.”

With this in mind, we’ve identified the keys to keeping our employees happy (and maybe you, too, can try these in 2023): 

  1. Strong foundations
  2. Flexibility 
  3. Belonging 
  4. Experience 
  5. Future proofing 

Takeaway #2: Outsourcing Versus Automation

“We are not afraid of companies that bring automation into the conversation . . . [but] automation isn’t a magic button either.”

At the end of the day, automation is an excellent step towards efficiency, but it’s critical to evaluate what tasks need human hands at the wheel. 

According to Ray, outsourcing has evolved from its origins in time-menial tasks to now significantly helping clients take leaping next steps. SEBPO’s knowledge and expertise in numerous platforms and processes enables us to integrate into our clients’ teams seamlessly. Because of this focus and our high accuracy percentages, we’re now in a “tell us what to do and we’ll get it done” phase with clients who trust us implicitly to handle both back-end and client-facing tasks.

Takeaway #3: What Exactly Does “Extension of your Team” Mean?  

“Don’t be fearful – the good leaders that bring on organizations like us don’t do it in the shadows. They invite their people into the conversation and let them know they’re safe.”

Over his many years with SEBPO, Ray has discovered that when clients embrace us as part of their team, the partnership is much more successful. He notes that “it’s a bit of a life-changing experience to embrace new cultures but awesome to see customer relationships versus our dynamic.” Because of this, we seamlessly integrate into our clients’ teams. But don’t worry; this doesn’t mean we come in, take the reins, and change how our clients do things. Instead, our platform-agnostic approach allows us to adapt to our clients’ processes.

As Ray describes, the nature of our work is distant, but it doesn’t have to be emotionally distant. Especially now that we are back to traveling more, “we want our best collaborative teams not to know where we stop and the internal teams begin.” 

“The universe of tasks we handle is so vast, and it just keeps growing every day, week, and month.”

We know that the onset of a new year can be scary. There are a lot of challenges and lessons learned that you and your team face, but laying a strong foundation early on with a people-first strategy will allow you to grow and thrive in your business. We’ve learned these important lessons ourselves over the years. But at SEBPO, we’re not blazing new trails; however, we are taking our best practices on all fronts and bringing them to new businesses in need. 

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