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Risk Protection Partnership


The SEBPO client helps prevent criminal infiltration of the world’s financial systems. They work with global teams to deliver powerful, decision-ready intelligence and world-class risk and compliance protection.


This client needed back-office processing support with extensive data management, analysis aggregation, testing and quality assurance support. The client set up a “champion-challenger” approach to determine which company would most effectively meet their needs. They selected two companies: 1) SEBPO and 2) a large, well-known BPO company based in India.

The client’s promise to the Fortune 100 companies they serve is to “trust diligence.” That quality mantra also described SEBPO’s strategic approach to the project from the start. SEBPO spent the first two weeks diligently shadowing their client’s internal team to truly understand the business and the client’s needs.  Company #2 only spent two days on-site. The client experienced SEBPO’s commitment, capabilities and high-end service up close. SEBPO learned the business inside and out and within 30 days, the client moved all their business to SEBPO and phased out Company #2.


SEBPO rose to the challenge and to this day continues to be the unmatched and unrivaled partner for this client. SEBPO’s highly educated and efficient team analyzes and captures risk-relevant data globally and adds thousands of new data records to the client’s database every day. SEBPO provides a diverse range of comprehensive risk and compliance protection services ranging from credit risk and supply chain to distribution risk protection. SEBPO’s 24/7/365 service, adaptable approach and deep knowledge continues to strengthen the client’s global business brand.


“What sticks in my mind is SEBPO’s eagerness to do a great job and to please the client. I don’t think you see that in the industry across the globe today. I’ve been around the BPO space for 15 years and there’s a seamlessness that occurs with SEBPO — from sales to account management to operations to service. There are really very few companies that can seamlessly launch and implement, and service companies like SEBPO.”