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Client Stories: Custom Delivery Reporting Case Study

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Client Stories: Custom Delivery Reporting Case Study


The client is a major ad management and technology company, connecting over 19,000 advertisers and 3,700 media agencies in 60 countries. They are an industry leader in end-to-end solutions in multi-channel digital advertising. The client owns and operates an open ad distribution and management platform serving 1.5 trillion impressions annually.


The client funnels a majority of display ad trafficking through SEBPO, including custom delivery-report generation. Delivery reports are pulled from the client’s platform and provide data essential to ad tracking, end-of-campaign analysis, invoicing and other account procedures.

The client’s in-house Client Service Manager (CSM) requested a seven-month campaign report on four of 200 available metrics, including total clicks and impressions. Anticipating a high volume of data, the CSM advised SEBPO to pull batch reports on 45-day increments, totaling five reports. The CSM requested expedited delivery.


Due to the exceptional volume of data in this account, the client’s platform would not support 45-day batch reporting. The SEBPO Team discovered this issue, notified the CSM and continued to modify report size until they deduced maximum length to a single day. Subsequently, the project’s demands rose from five reports to 197 reports. By pulling consecutive reports at 25 minutes per report for 24 hours a day, SEBPO enabled the client to:

  • Receive a complete delivery report in under a week. SEBPO employed a 24-hour work cycle, at three 8-hour shifts per day, to drastically reduce delivery time from a minimum of three weeks to less than a single week.
  • Avoid the time-consuming process of revising report length. The SEBPO teammates applied their technical know-how to estimate project demands with precision.
  • Relieve the client’s CSM of a complex technical task that demanded attention every 25 minutes.

Additionally, SEBPO provided the client with:

  • Rolling delivery every two to three hours to satisfy the need for immediate data.
  • Comprehensive communication on all aspects of project delivery.
  • Accurate reporting on all requested metrics by pulling 197 reports without human error.


“Ad traffic operations itself is completely complicated, and it keeps growing and changing. One of the greatest things SEBPO does – and they definitely do it better than us – is they are amazing at logistics, and ongoing knowledge transfer. You don’t work with just a specific person or a specific group – you work with a team. When they get notified as something new comes out, they train themselves and the whole team. It’s not a one-time thing. They’ll retain this knowledge. They’ll share this knowledge. They’ll use it in the future. That’s one of the incredible things about them.”


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