Client Stories

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Video Ad Tech


Founded in 2007, this client is a video marketing pioneer offering their customers a suite of production applications that cover the full life cycle of video advertising campaigns. Since their inception, they have helped over 1,000 of the world’s largest brands tell better stories with video.


In 2015, the client began their search for a new outsourcing partner that specialized in digital advertising. The search was initiated due to quality concerns with the existing service provider. The client required access to highly educated and tenured resources to handle the client’s high volume of creative services, including campaign production and reporting.


The client chose SEBPO based on their reputation for quality, strong account management and client success services provided to clients. The client was impressed with the tenure and education of the SEBPO team compared to other vendors they had worked with. To support the client’s creative production services, SEBPO engaged two teams of five people each totaling 1,056 hours per month. SEBPO also enhanced the client’s coverage during the hours of 4:00 AM and 9:00 PM daily, providing a greater level of operational efficiency.

From the start, the SEBPO team shared suggestions for creating a successful working relationship in order to establish a strong foundation for the partnership. SEBPO’s onshore leadership brought the client peace of mind, and instilled confidence with the client that the SEBPO team could aptly handle any given task. This led the client to increase the number of campaign production and reporting tasks handled by the SEBPO team.


“Something that SEBPO brought to the table immediately was team meetings and efficiency reports and team reviews—right off the bat that was a core part of the process.”

– Director of Ad Operations, Video Marketing Company