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Three Key Ways to Scale Your Team Through Outsourcing

As a partner to some of the largest companies in the digital advertising industry, we have witnessed how daunting growth can be without a plan to scale your operations. Once they decided to work with us, our clients, regardless of their size, have experienced how they can expand their reach and augment their ad ops, creative, data solutions, media planning, and quality assurance teams at a cost-effective rate with outsourcing teams. As their true partner, we provide recommendations to improve their internal processes and streamline workflow to ultimately help them drive their revenue goals. 

Three Key Ways To Scale Your Team Through Outsourcing

Here are three steps that will help you successfully scale your operations and teams through outsourcing:

1. Focus on revenue-generating tasks

Using an Ad Ops outsourcing partner gives your internal team members the ability to offload their cumbersome tasks such as screenshots, pulling reports, assembling client deliverables, creative QA, and uploads. This allows them the time and energy to focus solely on revenue-generating tasks. 

Outsourcing professionals provide additional bandwidth for internal teams to be strategic and focus on high-value initiatives. With outsourcing professionals working on time-consuming, back-end tasks, you maximize your team’s in-house capabilities and also provide a solid measure to combat the burnout these types of tasks can create. 

At SEBPO, we become task and process experts for our clients, freeing up internal employees to develop strong relationships with their own customers. We act as advisors for our clients based on our nearly 20 years of experience in the industry. We stay at the forefront of industry trends to be able to react for our clients and provide critical guidance. We integrate proven best practices into our client’s processes, assist with upselling their customers on new offerings, and act as SMEs when liaising with other departments (i.e., product teams). 

2. Quantify your bandwidth needs

For companies struggling to scale, it’s difficult to meet client expectations regarding turnaround times and gain the bandwidth necessary to take on multiple rush jobs without losing quality. When you begin your optimization journey, it’s important to take stock of your bandwidth needs as early as possible. Knowing what time your internal teams need to be successful will free them up to pursue new revenue opportunities and the ability to execute rush campaigns.

Outsourcing provides companies with scale and flexibility to ramp up during busy times of the year when internal teams are spread thin or operating lean. SEBPO’s follow-the-sun service model allows us to complete tasks around the clock so that you can exceed your customers’ expectations.

Read about how we helped a National Media Agency Scale to Meet the Needs of Rapid Growth.

3. Work within your budget, not against it

Solving bandwidth issues and working toward optimization can get pricey. There are so many options out there, it can be difficult to handle your budget constraints. With outsourcing, you can improve your efficiency gains without hurting your bottom line. With an outsourcing partner, you can free up your internal teams to focus on revenue-generating custom projects and high-profile executions, knowing that the day-to-day tasks are covered by an affordable and skilled provider.

Companies are also challenged with many outside factors that can affect budgets, like a looming recession or a downturn in business. Another common factor we’ve seen is high attrition following peak times of the year or during a surging job market, which results in the need to backfill positions and train new employees, losing both time and money. Many SEBPO clients who experience attrition have successfully taken that budget (i.e., salary, overhead, benefits) and used it to “self-fund” additions to their existing SEBPO Teams or launch new SEBPO Teams to meet other business demands. 

These additions are doable from a budget perspective; typically, funds for one in-house employee can be allocated to form a team of three SEBPO Professionals, giving added bandwidth and flexibility to scale up and down to address fluctuating demand.

With expert help, you can also avoid careless mistakes and oversights, which can result in expensive makegoods and loss of future business from the affected customer. Our proven track record is exemplified in our 2022 accuracy percentages: 

  • Ad Operations: 99.94%
  • Creative Services: 99.47%

Our accuracy and attention to detail ensure our clients aren’t paying for costly mistakes. Connect with the SEBPO Team today to start your journey and benefit from an outsourcing partner with experience in optimizing rapid growth.

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