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“Our department is as strong as it is because of the dedication to quality and the level of support we’ve received from SEBPO.”

Case Study

Why One of the Industry’s Biggest Global Media Companies Chose SEBPO Over Expanding Their Internal Teams

When one of the world’s largest global media companies was considering building a new location to meet their growing Ad Operation needs, they quickly realized the benefits of outsourcing. But the drive wasn’t strictly about the bottom line.

The agency chose SEBPO because they trusted us to provide a finely tuned, established infrastructure and a highly competent team. In a quote from their Global Head of Ad Operations for Programmatic and Platforms: “With SEBPO, the team was coming on board with a wealth of experience using different platforms, so we hit the ground running in teaching them not about what’s happening in the industry but what’s happening with our business.”

Since onboarding in 2018, that team has continued to grow. The Ad Operations Team currently provides 24-hour coverage focused on Trafficking, Newsletters, and Reporting, among other tasks. In addition, two new teams focused on Social/Email and Media Solutions have provided critical trafficking and analytics support.


  • Campaign Builds
  • Creative Services
  • Trafficking
  • Reporting
  • Analytics
  • Programmatic


The Client

One of the industry’s most prominent global media companies with a roster of iconic brands.


The Problem

Find a smarter, more cost-effective alternative to building a captive location to meet their growing Ad Operations needs.


The Solution

With zero overhead and an overall cost of roughly 70% less than hiring US employees, the choice was clear. By partnering with SEBPO, the client avoided the burden of having to recruit, hire, train, and retain employees. The relationship has developed into a true partnership that will provide value beyond the initial cost savings. The SEBPO Team has helped improve the business unit’s efficiency and overall QA process.

“Our department is as strong as it is because of the dedication to quality and the level of support we’ve received from SEBPO.”

– Ad Operations Manager

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