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“Your team has been fantastic! Launching a partnership with SEBPO is the best thing we have done!”

Case Study

Filling Gaps with Top Talent

The publisher of some of the world’s most reputable business magazines and digital platforms needed a strategic partner to help them offset internal attrition and gradually scale their outsourcing initiative. Their Executive Director had the vision to bring SEBPO on board to refocus the internal trafficking team and identify other areas to offload. They quickly realized they would immediately benefit from having SEBPO handle IO Reviews, Trafficking, QA, Screenshots, Reporting, and 3rd Party Discrepancy Investigations.

The partnership began with a team in our El Salvador Delivery Center, as the client preferred support with proximity to the US. In just over a year, they added additional professionals in El Salvador and launched a second delivery team of SEBPO Professionals out of our Bangladesh Delivery Center. The delivery center locations collaborated with the client and SEBPO’s Client Success Manager to develop a customized process for workload distribution. The publisher client wanted all teams to operate as a single unit, regardless of geographic location. Not only was SEBPO able to provide that cohesiveness, but also a multi-faceted, dual-office partnership that has worked in their favor, providing the client with multiple outlets for redundancy and risk aversion.


  • Campaign Management
  • Order Entry
  • Reporting
  • Trafficking
  • Troubleshooting
  • Quality Assurance

SEBPO Case Studies - The Client

The Client

A global publishing company with several well-known business publications.

SEBPO Case Studies - The Problem

The Problem

The client needed a partner to help offset internal attrition and gradually scale an outsourcing initiative with top-tier talent.

SEBPO Case Studies - The Solution

The Solution

SEBPO stepped in as a strategic, flexible partner, addressing the client’s needs by helping them scale gradually across various areas, starting slowly and building on success. The relationship has since expanded to a dual-office partnership supporting multiple teams. SEBPO Professionals are even trusted to act as client representatives in external-facing roles.

“Your team has been fantastic! Launching a partnership with SEBPO is the best thing we have done!”

– Director of Ad Operations

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