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Our Process

Our Process

More Than Just Outsourcing

Scale. Save. Succeed.

Successful outsourcing engagements rely on the successful implementation of human teams and innovative technologies. That’s why SEBPO emphasizes the importance of understanding client workflows, systems, and communications. We ensure our solution is both seamless and cohesive.

Our Philosophy

Vital to our success is an unwavering commitment to thorough process governance. We believe reliability, transparency, continuous feedback, and consistent delivery create lasting and meaningful collaborations.


Implementation Planning

After an in-depth discovery process with your team, SEBPO customizes your implementation plan. With detailed strategies for efficiently integrating resources and technologies to address both immediate needs and long-term goals, this road map ensures a successful launch and continuous growth.

Detailed Documentation

We keep track of all activities to ensure SEBPO and our clients are aligned and that all documents are current. We know that as our partnership evolves, existing needs change, and new needs will arise; both parties must operate from a singular, accurate source to ensure success.


Repeatable Training Process

SEBPO’s Team Members are experienced with various ad operation and creative production platforms. While technologies may be similar, we recognize that every client leverages these platforms differently. SEBPO works with our clients’ specific requirements to create an accurate, repeatable training process. This ensures that all onboarded remote employees understand the nuances of client operations. 

Process Governance

Process Governance is the cornerstone for SEBPO’s operations. We believe reliability, transparency, continuous feedback, and consistent delivery creates sustainable and meaningful collaborations. To ensure these values are reflected in every partnership, SEBPO Teams are tracked and managed by a Client Success Manager. This integral role facilitates discussions, procedures, team management, and training to ensure quality, consistent results, and timely deliverables.


Business Reviews

Commitment, accountability, flexibility, and transparency are the pillars of SEBPO business reviews. We regularly collect feedback from our clients about general satisfaction, quality, communication, timeliness, and other important KPIs that contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of our partnerships. 

Process Re-Engineering

See our work in action! Click here to learn how our methodology culminates into process re-engineering that delivers real results.

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