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Customer Support


High-level service without the high-level price tag

Giving your customers a positive touchpoint with your brand is necessary for today’s marketplace. You want to ensure that those coming to your door for assistance are confident in the help they’re receiving. Taking advantage of a SEBPO Team enables your team to harness the power of our proven methodologies. These proven techniques ensure trust in your brand, repeat customers, and elevated brand recognition.

Why Choose SEBPO for Your Customer Support Needs?

Leverage a SEBPO Customer Support Team to:

  • Generate brand loyalty and revenue growth with quality touchpoints
  • Access experts in workflow, eCommerce, and ticketing platforms
  • Improve support team efficiency with tracked KPIs and diligent reporting
  • Document interactions for future improvement and training
  • Raise your CSAT score to improve trust among clients
  • Enhance accuracy to reduce errors and escalations
  • Gain 24/7/365 support
  • Scale operations at your own pace

Our Success Metrics

  • Accuracy: 100%

Services and Specializations

  • Address holds, lookups, and labeling
  • Backorder customer communication
  • Cancellation processing
  • Chat and email support
  • Customer support requests, intake, and execution
  • Discount and coupon code management
  • Issue flagging
  • Refund processing
  • Report creation and consolidation
  • Rewards membership support and management
  • Shipping labeling and lookups
  • SKU or product information management


Seamless Tech Stack Integration

Our teams are experts on hundreds of major back-end platforms. Our onboarding process is optimized to quickly and effectively train our employees on your proprietary platforms. These methodologies also empower our teams to analyze your processes and recommend ways technology can help you achieve your organizational goals faster.

No matter which tools and resources you use, our teams are in place to allow your company to reach new heights.

Looking for inspiration on how to successfully implement a SEBPO Team?

“We appreciate that you guys are very flexible. We’ve seen growth since day one and now, everything is great. The big bosses know how much you guys do and how much we rely on you. Let’s keep that going!”
– Director – Media Client

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