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Media Planning

Media Planning

Helping You Optimize and Maximize Your Media Spend

Media planning requires specialized skills and expertise. It’s all about the ability to create the greatest value for the spend. Partnering with SEBPO gives your advertising campaigns a strategic edge. You’ll have access to industry experts with a thorough understanding of the media planning landscape. Our expertise empowers you to create campaigns based on data and insights right from the start to consistently achieve the highest ROI.

Whether it’s creating proposals, reviewing contracts, or executing campaigns, SEBPO Media Planning Professionals work as an extension of your team, allowing you to spend your time most productively.

Why Use SEBPO to Build Out Your Media Planning Team?

SEBPO Icon Media Planning

Create customized media pricing plans

SEBPO Icon Media Buy

Manage media buys and execute campaigns

SEBPO Icon Ad Validation

Organize ad specifications

SEBPO Icon Campaign Management

Provide audience insights

SEBPO Icon Paperwork

Review supplier contracts

Services & Specializations

  • Create customized media pricing proposals
  • Manage media buys and execute campaigns
  • Build out custom plans
  • Organize ad specifications
  • Provide audience insights
  • Review supplier contracts
  • Create working target lists
  • Identify media opportunities
  • Craft omnichannel planning tactics
  • Submit bids in real-time
  • Ad trafficking tracking

Our Success Metrics

Media Planning Accuracy Percentage
Media Planning Accuracy Percentage
Media Planning SLA Achievement Percentage
Media Planning SLA Achievement Percentage

Seamless Platform Integration

No matter your process or tech stack, SEBPO helps you scale quickly and easily to meet the growing needs of your business. Our teams are experts on hundreds of major back-end platforms. Our onboarding process is also optimized to train our employees quickly and effectively on your proprietary platforms. These methodologies empower our teams to analyze your processes and recommend ways technology can help you achieve your organizational goals faster.

No matter which tools and resources you use, our teams are in place to allow your company to reach new heights.

“Your team is awesome to work with, and everyone is very responsive, so reliable. You guys are awesome!”

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