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Todd Handy

Todd Handy

Chief Revenue Officer

Todd Handy, Chief Revenue Officer

Todd Handy is SEBPO’s Chief Revenue Officer. His media,AdTech, and business process outsourcing experience are assets that, when combined with SEBPO’s years of service delivery, ensure unparalleled service and disruptive solutions for our clients’ unique needs. 

Before joining SEBPO, Todd was Beasley Media Group’s first Chief Digital Officer, where he led the company’s fast-growing digital media business, realizing a 165% increase in digital revenue over the last three years, with a primary focus on transforming a traditional broadcast radio company into a powerful digital media company. In addition to his role at SEBPO, Todd is a member of the Local Media Consortium’s Board of Directors, serves on various sales and digital marketing advisory boards, and is a former member of the Local Media Consortium’s Executive Committee. 

During his free time, Todd can be found with his family, biking or running, playing golf, and snowboarding.


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