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Client Stories: 24/7/Global Scalability

Global Scalability


Client Stories: 24/7/Global Scalability


SEBPO partnered with one of the most established multimedia companies in the world, which nearly a billion people rely on every day. The client was undergoing a run of acquisitions with media, technology and communication brands and needed to unify their platform with over 150 points of presence on six continents.


As part of its plan for a unified platform bringing together display, mobile and video across multiple channels, the client needed reliable, scalable, cost-efficient, 24/7/365 ad operations support. The goal was to enable high-quality viewing of their digital content, experienced on any device.

SEBPO managed the client’s new video platform initial release and ongoing traffic. The client sought to leverage SEBPO’s significant onshore presence, strong technical expertise, and low attrition.


SEBPO met the client’s initial deliverables with such efficiency that they redesigned the initial project scope to increase the workload and goals. SEBPO managed the client’s entire video platform operations across the global network. SEBPO worked with the client’s internal team seamlessly to deliver on everything from strategy to QA and testing, to ad policy compliance and ad operations.

The client was particularly pleased with SEBPO’s high level of service, revenue delivery and deep knowledge of the industry. SEBPO’s reputable low attrition allowed for quick workload increases without any interruption to service. The multimedia client got the quality 24/7/365 support, which enabled rapid expansion as they integrated their growing global platforms at a significantly reduced cost.


“There’s always that confidence that the SEBPO team can pick it up and get it done either that day while you’re there or come back the next day and it’s done. They make you look like a rock star in front of your clients.”


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