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“Amazing!!! You guys are so awesome, thank you!”

Case Study

Helping a Global Media Powerhouse Overcome Challenges with QA and In-House Turnover

Even one of the biggest names in global business and financial news isn’t immune to in-house turnover, inefficiency, and quality control challenges. In 2016, one such giant was desperately searching for a partner to help them streamline their process for repeatable back-end tasks and overcome the turnover plaguing their business.

After an extensive RFP and detailed test of quality assurance procedures, the SEBPO Team’s talent blew the client away. Soon after, training began for a hand-selected global SEBPO Ad Operations Team. That team has since expanded to four separate verticals, offering critical support and implementing platform-agnostic processes that have increased accuracy and productivity.


  • Trafficking
  • Billing
  • Creative Services
  • Ad Tech Tasks
  • Reporting
  • Quality Assurance
  • Proposals


The Client

The global leader in business and financial data, news, and insights.


The Problem

A need to streamline their process for repeatable back-end tasks, overcome challenges with in-house turnover, and fill hiring gaps.


The Solution

Today, the SEBPO Team has become an integral part of their business, evolving into four unique, specialized sub-teams: Ad Operations, Linear, Reporting, and Creative. In addition to daily support, these teams have created and implemented a task-tracking system to ensure accuracy and timely delivery of all work. Last year, the SEBPO Team completed 48,902 tasks with 100% accuracy and strict adherence to SLAs.

“Amazing!!! You guys are so awesome, thank you!”
– Digital Advertising Tracking Specialist

What we do.


Ad Operations

Back-Office Processing SEBPO

Back-Office Processing


Creative Services

Customer Support SEBPO

Customer Support


Data Solutions


Media Planning


Quality Assurance

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