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“We cannot thank you enough. Keep up the excellent work!”

Case Study

One Key Project That Inspired A Fourteen-Year Partnership

With over a century of experience, around $5 billion in annual revenue, and over 11,000 employees across 40 countries, this client is the name in global integrated risk assessment. Despite their tremendous in-house capabilities, they have relied on SEBPO as their integral data solutions partner since 2008.

The relationship began with a team of SEBPO Data Solutions Professionals working on a single task to clear a 20-year backlog of data and improve the size of their database to monetize it for third-party use. Since then, that relationship has evolved into a highly collaborative partnership with a team that has grown 17 times as large as the first. We seamlessly integrated SEBPO Professionals and process enhancements into their business.

SEBPO’s Client Success Manager works on-site to support their business exclusively. A team in our El Salvador delivery center meets their foreign language needs. Lastly, the team works closely to automate quality control tools and develop platform designs and enhancements. Together, SEBPO and this client act as one team, forged in trust and working towards a common goal.


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SEBPO Case Studies - The Client

The Client

The most significant risk assessment company in the world.

SEBPO Case Studies - The Problem

The Problem

What started as a project to address a 20-year backlog of data has evolved to include a range of needs across data aggregation, due diligence, and quality assurance.

SEBPO Case Studies - The Solution

The Solution

SEBPO quickly and efficiently built a team to address the client’s backlog of data, helping them monetize it for third-party use. The success of that project has since led to a 14-year partnership where the initial team of SEBPO Professionals has grown to over 17 times as large as the first (including a dedicated, on-site Client Success Manager). The SEBPO Team now helps redesign and upgrade proprietary platforms to optimize the user experience and develop automated QC tools to evaluate users’ performance, databases, and customer products.

“We cannot thank you enough. Keep up the excellent work!”

– Associate Director, Risk Screening Analyst

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