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POSSIBLE Miami 2023

What We Took Away from Possible Miami 2023

APRIL 17 – 19, 2023

Miami Beach, FL

We sent Morten, Jasmine, and Ryan down to Miami to not only meet with current and prospective clients, but to also glean valuable insights that we can pass along to you, our loyal readers. One show, three great perspectives. Enjoy!

“If I had to choose one or two key takeaways from Possible Miami is that businesses need to focus on using emerging technology to further improve their services or products, and not just view tech as a replacement strategy. Also, while AI and emerging technology was a large focus of the show, creator economy was also a big thing for a lot of the brands in attendance. There was a strong focus on positioning brands across the different funnels. Privacy issues and shifts across social media platforms. There’s a little bit of the Wild West going on in media and that could be felt at the show. Helping our partners to navigate and remain productive in this quickly changing landscape will be key in the months and years to come. I believe SEPBO is well-positioned to deliver for our clients. 

– Morten Revsbech, Director of Sales

“My most memorable takeaway from Possible were two key insights mentioned by Kristen O’Hara (VP, US Agency & Brand Solutions at Google) during a session around AI & Human interaction. First, she stated that “Google gets better when our partners push us to do new things.” I think that’s something that also rings true here at SEBPO. As a partner, we should not only be helping our clients to grow, but we also need to grow and evolve alongside them. Adapting and embracing new technologies has a lot to do with that. 

Another great quote was in response to AI. “We’re not going to be phased out as humans. Humans add judgment, creativity, and empathy.” I think that couldn’t be truer. While AI and other tools will help us to be more efficient and deliver more for our clients, our value is in our relationships, our experience, our empathy — the irreplaceable human elements.”

– Jasmine Ingram, Strategic Account Manager 

“This was a show for Marketers and marketing involves authenticity. That’s what cuts through the noise. Being able to effectively employ new technologies, like AI, and yet still stand out with true authenticity is the challenge. People need to figure out for themselves that they’ll still need top talent to do that, technology is not going to replace good people. SEBPO will continue to bring forth new solutions and utilize new technology on behalf of clients. These are tools to help us perform better, not to replace us. We’re not scared of this or worried. 

One key takeaway from Possible 23 was that Marketing is ever-changing. The future is exciting, but you can’t frame it in the lens of the past. Those in the media business need to free their minds and look at everything from top to bottom in a new way. You see people try to attack the future while staying rooted in the past and that’s often the root of their downfall.” 

– Ryan Stephens, Director of Sales

Collectively, the team agreed that Possible Miami was a fantastic event and we were grateful for the opportunity to connect with many of our existing clients. We had some great conversations and were able to discuss key growth opportunities. 

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Team Snapshots

1 SEBPO Recap - POSSIBLE Miami 2023
1 SEBPO Recap - POSSIBLE Miami 2023
3 SEBPO Recap - POSSIBLE Miami 2023
4 SEBPO Recap - POSSIBLE Miami 2023
5 SEBPO Recap - POSSIBLE Miami 2023
6 SEBPO Recap - POSSIBLE Miami 2023
7 SEBPO Recap - POSSIBLE Miami 2023
8 SEBPO Recap - POSSIBLE Miami 2023
9 SEBPO Recap - POSSIBLE Miami 2023

SEBPO Faces at the Event

Director of Sales
Ryan brings a wealth of experience in media and digital marketing to his role as Director of Sales. His extensive industry knowledge and expertise make him the perfect partner to help address your specific needs.

Strategic Account Manager
Jasmine is an MBA who has spent several years as an AE in the advertising/marketing industry. Her first-hand knowledge of the industry is key to assisting clients with ways they can integrate SEBPO’s outsourced teams to reduce workload and achieve growth.

Director of Sales
Morten has an extensive background in Digital Media and Technology having worked for various media and publishing companies across the US and internationally. His unique perspectives bring tremendous value to our clients.

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