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“I highly recommend working with this team, we have had such a positive experience.”

Case Study

A Strategic Partnership Focused on Long-Term Ad Operations Growth

An industry leader in localized programmatic solutions needed help. They were over-reliant on temporary staff and faced critical inefficiencies. Frustrated with temp agencies and freelancers, they turned to SEBPO to help support increasing demand and balance internal workload. In short order, we were able to implement key process improvements, onboard a team of dedicated Ad Operations Professionals to help reduce errors, improve overall accuracy, and alleviate the pressure on in-house employees.

Partnering with SEBPO has allowed the business to scale and, therefore, meet demand quickly. SEBPO’s “Only Train Once” philosophy makes adding supplemental team members as simple as sending an email. During the pandemic, advertising spending halted, the client’s needs decreased, and SEBPO’s flexibility allowed them to quickly scale back on the number of team members. In less than 12 months, demand returned, and the team swiftly scaled back up by 200%, with the current headcount now quadruple the size of the original team, all working multiple shifts five days a week.


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The Client

An industry leader in localized programmatic solutions.


The Problem

 A critical over-reliance on temporary staff and an inability to quickly scale to meet customer demand.


The Solution

Teaming with SEBPO has enabled our client to respond quickly and efficiently to the market without sacrificing quality. Beyond that, the SEBPO Tteam consistently works to implement process improvements and increase productivity. Together, the combined team’s key achievements ranged from developing a benchmarking system that ensures productivity in the first few months of “go-live” to creating detailed SOPs for trafficking on the client’s in-house platform. We’ve even developed and implemented an error-tracking system that has been integral in prompt reporting and response.  In 2021 alone, SEBPO completed 101,609 client tasks with an accuracy percentage of 99.81%.

 “I highly recommend working with this team. We have had such a positive experience.”
– Director, Employee Development

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