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SEBPO CSR — Fundación Salvadoreña de la Tercera Edad (FUSATE)




Since its launch in 2017, our team in El Salvador has lived SEBPO’s corporate mandate for charity and humanitarianism, and has come to the aid of vulnerable senior citizens in their community. 

Fundación Salvadoreña de la Tercera Edad (FUSATE) is a non-governmental nonprofit founded in 1990 that serves 11,000 senior citizens through a network of eight daytime activity centers and dormitories.

Since FUSATE relies entirely on donations, they sometimes run short on basic supplies and cannot afford to replace failing equipment. During the holiday season of 2019, the team at the SEBPO operations center in San Salvador heard about the need at their local FUSATE dormitory, which houses 88 senior citizens. In an overwhelming show of support, the San Salvador team members provided everything on the FUSATE needs list, including:

50 lbs flour, 25 lbs rice, 25 lbs beans, 10 lbs sugar, 25 lbs tortilla flour/masa, 20 lbs powdered milk, 25 pounds of rice, 5 lbs instant soups, 50 lbs detergent, 50 lbs fabric softener, 5 lbs honey, 5 lbs cereal.


In addition, the facility was in dire need of a new gas grill, on which they relied for meal preparation. SEBPO was pleased to supply a new appliance for the FUSATE dormitory.

SEBPO has a long tradition of philanthropy in Dhaka, our base of operations in Bangladesh. As our El Salvador team becomes more established in the San Salvadoran community, General Manager Paul Garcia hopes to increase SEBPO’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) in that region as well, and this work with FUSATE is part of that vision. “This is our second year donating to FUSATE. I plan to continue with our CSR program and wish to scale and diversify it as we grow, possibly in collaboration with other corporations and foundations to have a greater impact.”


  • Fundación Salvadoreña de la Tercera Edad (FUSATE) serves senior citizens in El Salvador through 8 day and residential centers.
  • FUSATE relies on donations and cannot always meet the food security need
  • 2019 is the 2nd year in a row the SEBPO El Salvador operations team has supported FUSATE.


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