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“Thank you all for your great support and service. I really appreciate all your help and for always thinking out of the box.”

Case Study

How a Software Provider Used Outsourcing for Product Development + Testing

A software solutions company with a diverse, multi-million dollar customer base needed help, fast. When demand for this company’s services began to increase rapidly, they needed help effectively scaling their testing capabilities without breaking the bank and making costly mistakes. SEBPO stepped in with a small team dedicated to manual QA, and before long, they uncovered process improvement opportunities that increased the  scope to encompass automated QA and application development.

At the start of the partnership, the small, client-dedicated SEBPO Team in Bangladesh worked diligently, manually testing use cases against developed applications. As demand and scope grew, the SEBPO Team took on the mantle of creating an automated QA process and eventually automated the full workflow end-to-end. Because of this, a process like testing use cases against an application, which once took days, suddenly took hours. This meant that our Teams could test cases they ordinarily wouldn’t have time for, ultimately allowing the client to deliver the best possible technical products to their customer base and focus the Team’s effort on higher-profile QA and development tasks.


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Tech QA Software Outsourcing Case Study

SEBPO Case Studies - The Client

The Client

A software solutions company with a multibillion-dollar customer base that relies on them to develop apps and IT systems integrations.

SEBPO Case Studies - The Problem

The Problem

A rapid and exponential increase in demand led to the need for a scalable product development and testing solution quickly.

SEBPO Case Studies - The Solution

The Solution

An evolving partnership, starting with a small, manual QA team, quickly blossomed into multiple teams crafting a fully automated QA process. As a direct result of their deep understanding of our client’s processes, the team was able to effectively create an end-to-end workflow that sped up the testing process and nearly eliminated human error. They were then able to turn their skills to more white-glove projects, creating a higher output that served the client’s customers better than the original processes.

“Thank you all for your great support and service. I really appreciate all your help and for always thinking out of the box.”
– Senior Project Manager

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