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Beeler.Tech Base Camp

February 26 – March 1, 2023

Newport Beach, CA

Surf’s up and so is our time at Beeler.Tech Base Camp! Although we might not miss those 7am morning runs, we will miss the actionable insights, top-tier industry knowledge, and uniquely collaborative breakout rooms.

We’re returning from one of the most inventive, teamwork-centric events of the year ready to share both our insights and our colleagues’. Here are two of the larger topics covered:

Event Takeaways From the SEBPO Team

  1. Decrease in ad spend is pushing publishers to rush into automation solutions 

As we discussed in our blog, “3 Tips for Ad Ops and Media Teams to Overcome Ad Spend and Revenue Decline in 2023,” ad spend has been down for several months in a row, forcing companies to pivot in their ad operations and identify new revenue-generating strategies to accommodate. Because of this, discussions at Base Camp analyzed the recent trend of companies turning to automation. From honing our expertise over the years, we’ve learned one crucial but overlooked element of automation is the people. Finding the right outsourcing teams to skillfully refine the automation approach will ensure success even in the face of the economy’s current decline. 

  1. The sunsetting of cookies is influencing publishers to move to direct sales 

The rise of this trend encourages publishing companies to devote more face time to their clients, which is positive, but this inherently creates a much heavier lift for the Sales team, requiring high-quality Ad Ops teams to be on your side. Outsourcing with SEBPO lessens the burden on Sales teams, freeing them up to focus on securing more clients and providing companies with skilled Ad Ops teams that retain over 99% accuracy ratings.

We loved diving into these challenging topics in collaboration with so many great minds. For more insights, contact us at

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