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Automation & Outsourcing: The Power of People and Technology

One of 2023’s biggest continuing business trends is automation, with the latest and greatest technology (AI, RPA, and more) assisting with process efficiency and increased productivity. 

Automation & Outsourcing: The Power of People and Technology

As a leading global outsourcing partner, SEBPO understands the appeal of these specific benefits. We’ve also learned a few tips and tricks for ensuring any automation is implemented correctly.  Our skilled teams use their years of experience to optimize and understand your unique processes, ensuring your technology investment doesn’t go to waste.

We use our people power to find and craft the best solutions for you.

What is Automation?

Before we get to the “how,” let’s take a quick look at the “what.” The innovation has been compared to Henry Ford’s assembly line, or the popular infomercial slogan “set it and forget it.” IBM puts it simply: “Automation is a term for technology applications where human input is minimized.” 

From a 2023 business perspective, this can involve implementing AI (Artificial Intelligence) to apply rules, logic, and machine learning, or RPA (Robotic Process Automation) with basic programming of repetitive tasks and transactions. But we know from experience that the best way to leverage any automation solution is to have dedicated people behind the technology, ensuring everything runs smoothly.  

SEBPO Automation & Outsourcing Solutions

In the same way that businesses can implement SEBPO Teams to tap into first-class talent, expert knowledge, and streamlined processes for quick project turnarounds, our teams can also help you refine your automation approach.

Our experience with different types of automation, platforms, and tools allows SEBPO to expertly guide clients in choosing the tasks and processes that will benefit from automation. Furthermore, we’ve developed an expanded toolkit that includes RPA, and also goes beyond. 

Our toolkit comes from our knowledge base, crafted from experience with custom app building, developing automated management systems, dynamic web-based automation systems and more. These experiences save our clients time, money, and the costly mistakes that come from leaping into automation without a solid plan in place.

We utilize our years of experience to optimize your unique processes, ensuring your technology investment doesn’t go to waste. Here’s how we help:

Reduce costs immediately with our skilled teams

Automation companies promise cost savings down the line, but you spend more upfront without guaranteeing that the solution will work for you.

Remove your internal team’s bias

When SEBPO learns and owns your process, you remove internal bias and inaccuracies that can cost you time and money while trying to re-engineer your processes.

Leverage cutting-edge tools to gather process data

With our unbiased lens, we track the steps and time required to complete tasks efficiently.

Engineer your perfect solution

Our experts analyze the process and associated data to identify areas for improvement.

Implement process optimization

We’ll put the tools you need in place to guarantee cost and time savings and document every step along the way.

Empower automation usage

Once your process runs optimally, we’ll craft a customized solution based on your specific needs and the required technology

We’re not the only voice in the industry with these insights; our Senior VP of Corporate Development, Ray Adamson, recently joined Beeler.Tech’s Founder, Rob Beeler to talk about the benefits of combining automation and outsourcing. Ray mentions that “there’s parts of our clients’ business that make sense to automate and for us as an organization to embrace that because, at the end of the day, we are an extension of our clients.”

As a platform-agnostic partner, our well-honed approach empowers us to leverage any technology that fits your specific tech needs. SEBPO can work on any platform, or adopt any technology required during our onboarding process. We are constantly adding new platform knowledge to our arsenal of services.

Get in touch today to learn more about our tools, and how a SEBPO Team of experts can help create efficiencies that will have an immediate impact through our wide array of service offerings.

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