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Cracking the Code: How Outsourcing Transforms Data Solutions

Data is the key to unlocking valuable insights, driving innovation, correcting costly errors, and making informed decisions that shape the future of your business. You can stay competitive and focused on your core business activities when you tap into the specialized expertise of an outsourced data solutions team. 

Just ask Ayan Sarkar, one of our Senior Client Success Managers at SEBPO. He handles one of our longest-running client relationships for one of the oldest risk assessment firms around. Read on as he shares his insights about what our dedicated teams have accomplished for our partners:

Questions About Outsourcing? SEBPO Has Your Answers

A Long-Standing Data Solutions Partnership

“We have a long-standing partnership that started with the singular mission of clearing a 20-year data backlog for one of the world’s largest databases. This has since grown into a robust, multi-team partnership because SEBPO’s Data Solutions Teams consistently deliver innovative, high-quality services while exceeding client expectations in various processes.”

This client is an authority on global integrated risk assessment with over a century of experience, around $5 billion in annual revenue, and over 11,000 employees across 40 countries. With so many in-house responsibilities, it’s no wonder they have relied on SEBPO as their integral data solutions partner since 2008.

Sarkar says that unmatched flexibility enables SEBPO to provide round-the-clock support with 100% coverage, even on holidays. “Our ambitious goal of maintaining a 98% quality target across all data teams (a metric we continuously meet or exceed) guarantees compliant and efficient work for our clients.” 

“Thanks to the entire team, your efforts this year have amounted to huge efficiency gains for quality control and a great template for further efficiencies going forward!”
– Director, Data Operations

On top of efficiency and flexibility, outsourcing data-related tasks to specialized service providers can give your business access to a substantial repository of knowledge, innovative technology, and resources.

“Our team members, all college-educated, are proficient in delivering multi-lingual, cost-effective solutions. We specialize in critical Entity Due Diligence, emphasizing entity matching and validation,” Sarkar says, further explaining that valuable experiences in platform integration enhance this specialization. 

“An example of what truly sets us apart, in this case, is our unique combination of analytical expertise and, for our risk mitigation/finance clients, a rich knowledge base in the realm of KYC/AML (know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML).”

Milestones and Key Achievements

After over a decade of our partnership with this client, there have been many milestones. Some key achievements include:

Tech Industry Icon

Redesigning and upgrading the client’s proprietary platforms, resulting in optimal user experience and efficiency

SEBPO Icon QA Quality Assurance

Developing automated QC tools to evaluate user performance and the quality of their databases and customer products

SEBPO Icon Accuracy

Fine-tuning a wide range of processes to improve quality and increase accuracy

Read more about this partnership in our Case Study

Sarkar adds: “While the technology we use and our process-driven approach provides plenty of optimization, one of the most impressive innovations is our comprehensive coverage—data doesn’t stop, and neither do we!

SEBPO Teams provide uninterrupted services throughout the workweek and weekends, including every US and delivery center holiday. “This level of consistent accessibility and support ensures a seamless operation regardless of the time or day, fostering a strong foundation for our collaborative efforts.”

SEBPO Teams use innovative strategies and technologies to execute and optimize the following tasks: 

  • Capturing risk-relevant data
  • Comprehensive summaries
  • Data aggregation
  • Data analysis
  • Data QA
  • Enhanced due diligence
  • Platform migrations
  • Specialized reporting

Whether it’s data aggregation, analysis, or reporting, our professionals offer 24/7 support tailored to your business’s unique requirements and preferences. Get in touch with us today to discover what a SEBPO Data Solutions Team can do for you.

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