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Questions About Outsourcing? SEBPO Has Your Answers

SEBPO is the go-to outsourcing partner for media, finance, and technology companies. For almost two decades we have provided our clients with a competitive advantage designed to scale operations, control costs, and manage processes. We’d love to answer your questions and kickstart your outsourcing journey.

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“Our department is as strong as it is because of the dedication to quality and the level of support we’ve received from SEBPO.”
– Ad Operations Manager

What is a Dedicated Team Model?

A dedicated team consists of a group of remote professionals. In most outsourcing arrangements, teams tend to work with multiple clients. This leads to confusion, split attention, and careless mistakes. At SEBPO, we staff full-time professionals that only work for one client at a time, making them a true extension of our client’s internal teams. Each highly-skilled team member provides an average of 174 hours of capacity per month exclusively to their designated client. Once assigned to a client, our professionals work diligently in teams to learn their clients’ preferences, operating procedures, and nuances. We customize solutions with teams that are passionate about supporting clients and delivering quality work.

Is there a minimum team size requirement?

We have found that the smallest effective team size is no less than three dedicated professionals. Staffing one employee results in a single point of failure. With just one person, there is no backup for a holiday or sick time, no opportunity for teamwork or collaboration, no overflow outlet for high volume, and no way to handle multiple priority projects concurrently. Two dedicated professionals are not able to meet SEBPO’s high standards for quality and delivery. A minimum of three dedicated professionals, working as a team, provides optimal results.

What if we only need support during the Bangladesh overnight shift?

The overnight shift in Dhaka, Bangladesh (which translates to 11:00 AM EST – 8:00 PM EST) is the only shift we do not offer á la carte. Working nights is difficult for anyone; by staffing multiple shifts, we are able to rotate teams and provide relief from the burden of working late hours. This structure means that your assigned professionals will be happier and more productive in the long run, leading to a more fulfilling partnership across the board.

SEBPO - Bangladesh Team
SEBPO’s Bangladesh Team

Are you able to accommodate seasonality and scale quickly?

From the start of our partnership, our Client Success and Service Delivery Teams will work closely with you to determine your needs during peak seasons and how to best support additional volume. We will monitor utilization and performance on a regular basis. During our weekly Governance (or check-in) call, we will discuss the trends we’re seeing and make any necessary adjustments.

If additional support is needed, our teams are built with trained backup professionals, or “Bench” professionals. These professionals can be activated temporarily and then ramped back down after the busy season. SEBPO understands this seasonality better than most. We recognize the need for flexibility and service especially when work demands increase. Our teams are ready to provide the additional service and support you need, when you need it. We do not inflate pricing for rush requests. Overtime is billed at the standard, hourly rate.

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What are SEBPO’s SLAs and turnaround times?

SEBPO is well-versed in ad operations, creative services, data solutions, media planning, and quality assurance functions. It’s difficult to give a blanket turnaround time, as SLAs are dependent on various client-controlled variables. We make it our mission to meet or exceed our clients’ SLAs. We can even help refine SLAs by doing time-in-motion studies to give you a more accurate depiction of how long certain tasks take. During the discovery process, we work with clients to define partnership SLAs.

Below are the 2022 SLA Achievement results:

  • AdOps SLA Achievement Percentage – 99.94%
    • 1,259,128 tasks completed within SLA
  • Creative Services SLA Achievement Percentage – 99.47%
    • 25,682 tasks completed within SLA

How does SEBPO price overtime or weekend costs?

Each SEBPO Professional works a 40-hour work week and provides an average of 174 hours of availability per month. Should a client need to exceed the allotted hours in a month due to special circumstances, SEBPO can typically accommodate such requests; we will bill any additional hours at a standard hourly rate. We’ve been in your shoes and know how difficult it can be to get mission-critical work done at peak times, so we will never inflate pricing due to overtime.

Are SEBPO professionals able to learn new systems and platforms?

SEBPO makes it a point to build tool and platform knowledge frequently, and we do it very well. If we don’t already have experience in a system (we currently work with 150+ ad operations platforms), we’re typically able to find materials and walkthrough videos available online to educate ourselves. We also welcome any SOPs clients may already have in-house to review independently. SEBPO is open to learning software in any manner the client deems necessary, alleviating the training burden on our client.

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