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JANUARY 5th – 8th, 2023

Las Vegas, NV

The stage is set for the most influential and innovative global tech event. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association, CES hosts the world’s biggest brands as they attend breakthrough panels from the sharpest, most reputable players in the industry and meet new partners.

Event Takeaways From the SEBPO Team

CES was a success! The SEBPO Team returned from this highly influential, global tech event with several key takeaways to help us better understand our clients’ needs in 2023:

  1. Leaders at CES analyzed staffing and the looming recession that will impact the advertising space in the coming years, allowing us to understand and prepare for the possibility of our clients’ needs for outsourcing expanding significantly.
  2. The sunsetting of 3rd party cookies — a topic that you can read more about in our blog here — leads to crafting new strategies to leverage 1st party data in the advertising space.
  3. With rising macroeconomic conditions, specifically unemployment rates and inflation, there may be greater opportunities for organizations in the advertising space to consider outsourcing for expense reduction, revenue generation, and increased performance.
  4. As the automation trend rises, organizations should still be reminded of the necessary balance between humans and tech for optimal operational efficiencies. The human element should ideally remain a major aspect of the automation process

Team Snapshots

SEBPO at CES 2023 1
SEBPO at CES 2023 2
SEBPO at CES 2023 4
SEBPO at CES 2023 3

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