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Digiday Publishing Summit

MARCH 27 – 29, 2023

Vail, CO

SEBPO Team member, Ryan Stephens, is defrosting from the chilly Vail air, with three hot takeaways from the Digiday Publishing Summit.

  1. Ad market volatility is causing low revenue visibility 

Discussions around the continued decline in ad spend are circulating within the publishing industry, so it’s no surprise this was a big topic at Digiday. As 2023 progresses, revenue visibility remains low and companies must explore different ways to maximize their ad spend. SEBPO shares more  information on how to combat this in our blog, Three Tips for Ad Ops and Media Teams to Overcome Ad Spend and Revenue Decline in 2023.

  1. Publishers are finding diversified revenue streams through AI 

Publishers are turning to AI to solve the need for different revenue streams. AI has flooded various industries and may present new opportunities for those facing revenue challenges. However, users beware, there is still an ethical gray area regarding this tech. 

At SEBPO, we believe maintaining the human element in automation is crucial to eliminating mistakes and refining your automation process. For more insight, check out, Automation & Outsourcing: The Power of People & Technology

  1. First-party data is crucial moving forward

As third-party cookies are phased out and privacy regulations tighten, publishers will need to become experts in gathering, analyzing, and leveraging their first-party data. Luckily, this provides more reliable data because consumers willingly share it with organizations instead of feeling spied on, as they do with third-party cookies. 

Interested in more information? Check out this article from Salesforce that analyzes the necessity of first-party data, especially as the emphasis on individual privacy increases. 

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