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Giving Back and Giving Thanks: Global CSR

As Thanksgiving approaches in the US, we are grateful for a year marked by purposeful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. We celebrate and recognize our people for fostering meaningful connections and positively impacting our business and the communities we call home. 

Giving Back and Giving Thanks: Global CSR

Our teams take a holistic approach to philanthropy, resourcefully employing the three pillars of giving: time, talent, and treasure.

three pillars of giving

The El Salvador team uses these foundations to create meaningful touchpoints with two local nonprofit organizations in their community.

Elderly Care in El Salvador

Fundación Salvadoreña de la Tercera Edad (FUSATE) is a non-governmental nonprofit founded in 1990 that serves 11,000 senior citizens through a network of eight daytime activity centers and dormitories. Since SEBPO El Salvador’s launch in 2017, our teams have supported FUSATE in various ways.

Seniors are often overlooked when people look to support causes, particularly around the holidays. SEBPO Teams visit the centers to participate in everything from social events with the seniors to preparing meals and performing tasks like paint touch-ups and delivering gift packs with essential items. Providing these services ensures that the seniors know they are cared for and not alone. 

“A director once told us that their kitchen was out of order, so they couldn’t prepare meals,” says SEBPO El Salvador General Manager Paul Garcia. “The SEBPO Team raised funds and provided them with a new kitchenette.”

SEBPO Teams at FUSATE in El Salvador
SEBPO in action with FUSATE participants (employees named from left to right): Lya Archer, Paul Garcia, Erick Bonilla, Jessica Gonzalez, Alejandra Diaz, Fernando Hernandez, and Jessica Valladares.

During the pandemic, SEBPO shifted to supporting the organization digitally. “We brought in some strategic marketing to their existing digital campaigns and created a content calendar. This effort helped them organize social media posts through Facebook and Instagram, and we also assisted with paid campaigns.”

By empowering FUSATE to amplify its message beyond its walls and into the digital realm, the organization will reach larger audiences, new donors, and potential volunteers.

“We want people to be involved, and to make their own contribution,” adds Garcia. “That contribution will generate a personal connection and will result in financial donations too, as more people learn about the organization. We are excited to be touching people’s lives in a meaningful way.”

Youth Orchestra Outreach

ProArte is a non-profit association that uses music to promote inclusive and equitable spaces for the young people of El Salvador. Encouraging youth to engage in orchestral practices contributes to violence prevention and stronger social cohesion. ProArte students have gone on to perform with the national orchestra, receive scholarships from international organizations, and become local leaders. 

SEBPO Operations Manager Jessica Valladares leads the digital support side, and Senior Operations Manager Iliana Sofia Zelayandia Ortega coordinates in-person efforts. This year, the SEBPO Operations Team will provide one student with a scholarship, donate instruments, and provide phased marketing activations for ProArte concerts. 

“It’s the best experience ever,” says Valladares about her chance to attend a ProArte concert. “I love being there. It’s so fun. It’s also great to tell people that they can help sponsor a child’s musical education.” ProArte concerts are held monthly or bi-monthly, with over thirty children participating.

Asociación ProArte El Salvador concert
ProArte participants in action.

Garcia first heard about ProArte through a personal connection, who said the organization was having trouble getting the word out about its mission. Traditional fundraising efforts, such as selling concert tickets and renting out instruments, slowed to a halt during the pandemic.

“This is where I thought SEBPO could help. We could use our expertise and execute digital marketing strategies, especially since we couldn’t be in person to help. We have set up all their social media profiles and assisted in getting the word out about their concerts,” adds Garcia. “We bring in audiences to their concerts, which was part of the first phase of our support–getting the brand out there.”

SEBPO customizes and optimizes digital campaigns to reach target audiences, and SEBPO generates reports to measure their impact.

“Now we will move to phase two,” says Garcia. “Our strategy is to create and share success stories highlighting the children directly impacted by donor contributions. This level of personalization encourages potential donors and volunteers to show their support when they know who will benefit. We’ll also expand the digital channels and grow our physical presence.” 

Holiday Impact

During the holiday season, the SEBPO Team is working especially hard to coordinate volunteer opportunities and fulfill wish lists for both the children and seniors. 

Our people are at the heart of what we do, and they always show their heart in how they show up for their communities. 

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