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7 Keys to Take Control of Your Process Governance

Have you ever planned a road trip without a map? Or skipped doing the research on sights, hotels, and rest stops in favor of “winging it”? Without these programmed into your navigation system, you are likely to get lost.

Process Governance allows businesses to consolidate and regulate tasks, workflows, and procedures that standardize project execution. Having a strong governance model in place for your business is your road map and your itinerary all in one, and SEBPO is your personal guide. We expertly navigate your project in the most efficient way possible, ensuring it is on time and on budget.

7 Keys to Take Control of Your Process Governance

“Something that SEBPO brought to the table immediately was team meetings, efficiency reports, and team reviews – right off the bat that was a core part of the process.”
– Publisher Client

Thinking about your partnership with SEBPO as an epic road trip journey, here are our 7 Keys to take control of your process:

  1. Just as you might calculate how many miles per day to drive, where you can refuel/recharge, and estimate your arrival time by staying on course, SEBPO tracks deliverables and records milestones. From day one, we record all activities to keep both SEBPO and your internal teams up-to-date and critical documents current. You always know where tasks stand.
  2. Our team will work with you to develop a roadmap specific to your company, positioning you for a successful launch and continuous growth. We will create, execute, and maintain an Implementation Plan, and in doing so, become a seamless extension of your team.
  3. Not all travelers – or clients – are the same. Some might enjoy a scenic hike while others prefer a guided bus tour. We tailor our process governance for each company we serve. As our work together evolves, we will make any necessary adjustments along the way to optimize accuracy, increase accountability, and correctly measure performance. 
  4. We don’t just send a postcard to show our progress. A core component of our success together will be transparent and frequent communication. We will schedule regular governance calls to review operational tasks and key performance indicators, as well as discuss hot button topics. If you need more touch points, we are always accessible for day-to-day matters.
  5. Knowledge integration is what fuels our vehicle. During our comprehensive onboarding process, we compile knowledge about your team’s preferred platforms and share it with ours. SEBPO’s “Only Train Once” philosophy means that your team won’t have to spend time training new members of the SEBPO Team, because we will document and manage ongoing training of SEBPO Professionals (or your own new internal team members) for you.
  6. Plan for the road ahead. We provide ongoing business reviews for each client that documents performance metrics, analyzes strengths, and itemizes areas for improvement.
  7. We are your navigator riding shotgun. The most important key to all of this are the people and our seamless integration with your team. This is the glue that holds it all together. Working with SEBPO feels like turning to your favorite co-worker for advice and support.

Once we’re prepared with gas in the car and milestones plotted out, we put our clients in the drivers’ seat with these keys, along with everything they need to meet targets along the way. Our Ad Operations, Creative Services, Data Solutions, Media Planning, and Quality Assurance teams are with you for every twist and turn, ensuring a smooth ride.

SEBPO’s Award-Winning Governance

Consistency, quality, standards, and priorities are all a part of governance, and SEBPO knows that strong outsourcing partnerships benefit from strong process governance. 

The Centre for Outsourcing Research and Education (CORE) identified “The 3Es of Effective Outsourcing Governance”, and SEBPO checks all of these boxes:

Experience: The CORE research determined that organizations with experience in defining and managing outsourcing relationships had more mature and more effective governance models than those organizations that were in the ‘first generation’ of their outsourcing relationships. SEBPO has over 16 years of experience and is consistently recognized for excellence in business process outsourcing.

“I have worked with other off-shore vendors in the past. It has never been like this. You are so organized and structured. It’s been great.” 
– Ad Client

Essentials: A fact-based and easily understood set of business-oriented metrics, i.e., we immediately set up and track KPIs and communicate with full transparency so everyone knows where projects stand and where we need to improve. 

Empathy: A higher level of openness, trust, and collaboration are critical to the success of complex outsourcing arrangements.

“There’s always that confidence that the SEBPO Team can pick it up and get it done either that day while you’re there or come back the next day and it’s done. They make you look like a rock star in front of your clients.”
– Agency Client

We offer industry expertise and process governance so organizations can scale, innovate, and control costs. Let’s plot a course together! Connect with us today to learn about how we can set you up on the road to success.

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