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Nightmares in Advertising

Gather ‘round the watercooler for a series of stories that will send shivers down the spines of even the most seasoned Ad Operations professionals. We asked our team of experts to share their most chilling, cautionary tales to help your business avoid these same perils and emerge triumphant in Q4. 

Prepare yourselves for…

Nightmares in Advertising

A Haunting Lack of Bandwidth

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It’s a challenge most in the industry are familiar with; there’s a seasonal surge, you need to scale rapidly, your team is already running thin, and you’re struggling to keep up with tasks. 

You’re experiencing a terrifying Lack of Bandwidth.

“The advertising world operates at the speed of light,” says Colleen Tully, SEBPO Director of Sales. 

“Things change, innovate, and evolve so quickly. Many ad support teams are already wearing so many hats, so being asked to take on more is just not sustainable.”

Tully advises that one way to empower your teams is to take stock of their day-to-day workload and identify pain points. Initiating an outsourcing partnership is a great way to get started. 

At the outset of a partnership, our teams will work with you to identify those tasks, which can range anywhere from order entry and campaign management to billing and reconciliation. “Internal teams can shift their time-consuming, repetitive work to outsourced teams, freeing them up to focus on the strategy behind the daily execution that drives revenue and moves business forward.”

The Terrifying Talent Gap Zone

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Here’s a challenge that’s sure to make you shiver; you’ve been tasked with creating a marketing campaign, but it fails to reach its targets and objectives. The team members who handled this task were lost due to attrition, leaving a void where that internal knowledge used to be.   

You’ve just entered…the Talent Gap Zone

“Every company can find itself negatively impacted by employee attrition. When an employee leaves a company, it puts a strain on the remaining members of the team. These team members find themselves charged with finding talent, training those individuals, and absorbing additional workload until the new team members can contribute at the expected level,” says SEBPO’s Director of Client Success, Carmy Rodriguez. 

“This, in turn, leads to campaign errors and quality issues. Mistakes mean lost revenue.”

Outsourcing takes staffing challenges out of the equation. “We handle creating your team and ensure they have the necessary skills to execute your tasks. With SEBPO handling hiring and ongoing training, you don’t have to worry about new hire training,” adds Rodriguez.

With an ad operations outsourcing partner like SEBPO in your corner, you know that our methodical training and highly skilled teams give you access to a continuous wealth of industry knowledge and professionals who can grow with you. Should any attrition occur, your team doesn’t have to bat an eye; your SEBPO partners will staff additional talented professionals trained on your processes and nuances.

Curse of the Costly Errors

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Your internal teams are drowning in day-to-day work and can’t focus on high-level planning and strategy. When your employees are bogged down, cursed Costly Errors can sneak up on you with ghastly consequences.

The right outsourcing partnership will help you identify the patterns of these errors and help you banish the curse. “We pride ourselves on high-quality service,” says Rodriguez. “We are responsible for allotting the right professionals to build your team and ensure they have the right skills and experience to handle your tasks.”

Once resources are allotted, and areas prone to error are identified, your SEBPO Ad Ops team works with you to ensure quality processes. SEBPO has protocols in place like Peer-to-Peer Quality Assurance. “We do this as a best practice to reduce errors. Errors in campaigns can have a significant impact on clients in the form of costly makegoods.”

On the rare occasion an error slips through the cracks, SEBPO spends time investigating the cause and offers process improvements to avoid any future mistakes. “We share all findings with the team and our client. We are accountable for our work. We put a plan in place for improvement. We’re not just communicating the error details, we’re working transparently to find solutions.”

Revenge of Redundant Tasks

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Tully told us a story about one client that had a sales support team that could not attend critical RFP brainstorms due to the amount of daily, weekly, and monthly reporting on their plates. They were haunted by Redundant Tasks. Their inability to escape this caused a downstream effect on deliverables, timing, and generated communication roadblocks between multiple departments. 

“Offloading those tasks to a SEBPO Team allowed them to begin attending those brainstorms again,” says Tully. “This has increased efficiencies in their workflows and their overall RFP response process.”

Another client was seeing their internal employees spend upwards of three hours per day on screenshots alone. SEBPO was able to take that task off their plates. “It’s truly so rewarding getting to help industry friends and colleagues solve issues I’ve experienced myself and can relate to.”

It’s not all doom and gloom, thankfully. While these situations are not ideal, a strong partnership, bandwidth augmentation, and careful, methodical error reduction were the magic ingredients to redeem these tales of woe and turn them into happy endings. 

Get in touch today to see how we can help your teams go from spooky to spectacular.


Colleen Tully

Carmy Rodriguez SEBPO

Carmy Rodriguez

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