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Outsourcing & Ops: Removing Repetitive Tasks

In an ever-evolving workforce, Publishers must implement and move forward with strategies that will last. Otherwise, Publishers run the risk of decreasing efficiency and losing profit. 

Rob Beeler, Founder and CEO of Beeler.Tech, shared his professional insights regarding Publisher strategies that “will stand the test of time” in an AdExchanger article titled, Publishers, Your Top Ops Talent Needs Your Attention

Of course, you can see where Beeler is headed: Publishers’ operations leaders need to be in the spotlight. These unsung heroes are essential strategic thinkers that inspire creative efficiencies within the Publishing company. 

Outsourcing & Ops: Removing Repetitive Tasks

Shifting from a Sales-Only to an Ops-Centered Perspective

According to Beeler, the problem is that leaders tend to invest little quality time in ops talent and are, instead, focused on sales. This is a natural focus, of course — the sales team is out there selling, so why wouldn’t you turn your attention to their efforts? But an increase in sales team members inherently means an increase in operational costs that don’t always see a return on investment. Publishers need an ops team that is just as effective and efficient as their sales team. 

Unfortunately, though, ops teams get bogged down by back-end assignments that involve repetitive tasks, such as reporting. But are these mundane duties the best use of their time? 

In agreement with Beeler, we would answer with an emphatic no; a Publisher’s ops team should be utilized for brainstorming concrete strategies that actually help “move the needle”. Ops teams should focus on: 

  • Analyzing the driving forces of successful advertising performances and user engagements 
  • Strategizing creative efficiencies 
  • Crafting workflows that reduce time spent on repetitive tasks 
  • Brainstorming leadership ideas to inform business growth  

But, as much as they are a burden, these back-end, repetitive tasks need to get done somehow. And that’s where the next evolution of the publishing industry comes in: outsourcing. 

How Publishers Can Optimize their Ops with Outsourcing

At SEBPO, we understand the high level of critical thinking and strategizing necessary for ops teams to create successful environments for sales. They don’t have time to spend countless hours agonizing over reports, trafficking, quality assurance, or other painfully repetitive tasks that take away from mission-critical work. 

That’s where our expert teams come in. SEBPO provides 24/7/365 global support, so we can lift those time-consuming tasks off their shoulders. Our delivery teams leverage industry best practices to provide unparalleled process governance and client support to ensure success. We are highly skilled in Publisher-related tasks, ranging from ad ops to creative services to media planning.

In addition to this hyper-relevant skill set, we are constantly building upon our existing industry expertise, ensuring we can always provide gold standard service to Publishers. Our CRO, Todd Handy, recently attended Indigo Trigger’s Lead-to-Cash Bash event, where he gained major takeaways Publishers can use to optimize their return on investments — six of which are outlined here

SEBPO was built to be trusted partners, lifting operational burdens so your teams can make the most of their time pushing the industry forward into its next evolutionary cycle.

Interested in learning how to free up top talent on your own ops team? Visit our website to read more about our Publisher services or shoot us an email at

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