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SEBPO’s El Salvador Team Q&A with CEO Kevin Kochan

After a few years of Zoom calls, IMs, and lots of emails, SEBPO’s El Salvador team recently reunited in person with SEBPO’s CEO Kevin Kochan for a “Big Picture” Meeting.

The El Salvador office, which has been open since 2017, complements SEBPO’s off-shore stronghold in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and the company’s management team in Marlton, New Jersey. 

Each SEBPO location is unique, and we celebrate the diversity and talent each team brings to our company’s culture of collaboration, deliberate growth, employee focus, and success. 

SEBPO’s El Salvador Team Q&A with CEO Kevin Kochan

During Kochan’s visit, the El Salvador team put together some thoughtful questions for our CEO that we thought you might enjoy:

Question: Why did SEBPO expand to El Salvador?

Kevin Kochan: We have a delivery center in Dhaka with approximately 1,500 employees, and we heard from our clients that they wanted onshore support. What we’ve found here in the last two years, thanks to your efforts, is triple digits of growth.

Question: What would be your personal advice to people who want to grow with SEBPO?

Kevin Kochan: Work hard, be passionate about what you do, put care and energy into your efforts, and be a great team member. That’s the first step in being a team lead. There were so many examples throughout the trip!

SEBPO El Salvador Elisa Najarro, Daniel Meléndez, María Ventura, Francisco Acosta, Daniela Mejía
Elisa Najarro, Daniel Meléndez, María Ventura, Francisco Acosta, Daniela Mejía

Question: What should be the mindset of everyone here at SEBPO to achieve our mission & vision?

Kevin Kochan: Having a positive attitude is the first thing. Attitude is a decision, start every day positive, work collaboratively. Embrace all the support you and your team have in front of you.

BIG QUOTE: “We want to make sure everyone who works at SEBPO feels positive and supported.”

Question: Where do you see SEBPO going in the next three years?

Kevin Kochan: Our goal is to achieve double digit growth in the next five years. That includes our current client base, and the ability to deliver services, which creates more opportunities here. The future is very bright! 

Question: What is the #1 takeaway we can leave with today?

Kevin Kochan: The understanding of who SEBPO is, and where you belong with SEBPO. This is the heart of SEBPO, where all our service delivery happens with our clients. We are here to support you, to make sure you succeed. Whenever you run into challenges and don’t know where to go and how to navigate, know you have an entire support system ready to help.

SEBPO El Salvador
Left: Iliana Zelayandía, Paulina Escobar, Elisa Najarro / Right: Erick Bonilla, Waleska Jungmann, Jessica Gonzalez, María Ventura, Lya Archer

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