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Borrell Miami

MARCH 5 – 7 2023

Miami, FL

Goodbye, Miami sun! Hello, event takeaways! 

We wrapped up our time at Borrell Miami by going over some actionable insights that have us keeping a close eye on industry trends, so we can understand our clients’ needs even better. Keep reading for our event highlights: 

Event Takeaways From the SEBPO Team

  1. Publishers are looking to scale back in programmatic revenue and scale up in O&O/Direct Sold 

We’ve been keeping up with this particular trend, analyzing the way more publishers are turning towards direct sales instead of programmatic due to the sunsetting of cookies. While there are benefits to both, direct selling offers more guaranteed inventory and meaningful face-to-face interactions for clients. Although direct selling does require more manpower and maintenance, outsourcing is a great solution. An expert outsourcing partner can lift the burden of the back-end, time-consuming tasks that burden the sales team, so they can focus on their face-to-face direct sales. 

  1. Make sure you have a first party data strategy in place sooner rather than later

As tighter data privacy laws loom over the horizon, many advertising clients are expecting a better offering on targeting that takes privacy into account. Not only that, but clients are looking for their privacy to be protected and securely managed. This is another factor for the decline in programmatic—companies like Apple are restricting browsing data storage, which throws a wrench in programmatic algorithms. Because of this, you need to perfect your first party data strategy. If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, our media-savvy CRO, Todd Handy, can answer all your burning questions. 

We gained so many insights from the Borrell Miami conference that we could go on for paragraphs, but to save you time—which is what we’re known for helping our clients with—reach out to Brett to strike up a conversation about what he learned. 

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