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Pack your bags, folks; it’s conference season! Discover our Sales Team’s favorite conferences with a behind-the-scenes look at their pre-event rituals, advice for getting the most out of conferences, which activities they prioritize, and more. 

Tune in for some excellent restaurant recommendations in the team’s favorite cities, and be sure to comment your own tips, tricks, and recommendations below. 

Ryan Stephens SEBPO

Ryan Stephens


Jasmine Ingram


Colleen Tully

What is your favorite conference to attend and why? 

Colleen Tully: It’s impossible to pick just one, but at the top of my list is: Beeler.Tech’s Basecamp, AdMonster’s Ops, and Digiday’s Publisher Summits. They all have unique formats, styles, and insights. 

Ryan Stephens: Digiday is my favorite because of the setting. It’s intimate enough to really get to know the people there and always has great content. There’s a nice mix of social events and productivity in individualized meetings for meaningful business conversations. 

Jasmine Ingram: I have found Digiday Miami to be one of the most enjoyable conferences to attend due to its valuable content and excellent networking prospects. Digiday conferences are known for attracting a significant amount of SEBPO partners, which gives me ample opportunity to connect with my contacts in person. Also, the beautiful backdrop of the sunny South Florida sky adds extra appeal to this event. 

What is your favorite part about going to conferences? 

Colleen: The connections. The network I’ve built throughout my career is so closely associated with the conferences I’ve attended, so much so that the first in-person conference after the pandemic felt a little like a welcome-home party. It spoke volumes to the relationships we can cultivate in this industry. 

Ryan: The best part has been interacting directly with my co-workers. We are a spread-out company and mostly remote, so these conferences really give you the opportunity to work and build relationships with your teammates. 

Jasmine: As an Account Manager, my favorite part about conferences is the opportunity to network and engage with industry professionals, potential clients, and current partners. Conferences provide a platform for building relationships, exchanging ideas, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry. It’s also a great chance to showcase your company’s services and learn from industry experts. 

What is your greatest piece of advice for attending conferences on the road? 

Colleen: Plan ahead and stay organized. Before hitting the road for a conference, I try to prioritize the list of attendees I’d like to connect or reconnect with and, when applicable, sessions I’d like to attend. It helps optimize my time on-site. I’ll use my Notes app to track communications in real time, as well, and then a CRM to consolidate notes and follow-up actions for after. My operational mind loves efficiency! 

Ryan: Be in the moment, and don’t get jaded. Stop and realize that you are a) probably in a pretty cool city, b) doing something pretty cool at the conference, and c) spending valuable time with some pretty cool people. Just keep an open mind about every interaction and conversation. There’s value in almost every seminar and interaction. 

Jasmine: Prioritize relationship-building and networking. Conferences provide valuable opportunities to connect with industry peers, potential clients, and partners. Take the time to engage in meaningful conversations, actively listen to others, and establish long-lasting relationships. 

Bonus Question: Do you have a go-to restaurant in any conference city? 

Colleen: One of my favorite parts of conferences and events is getting to check out new local spots, so at this point, I can’t say I have a favorite. But when the event takes place in New York City, I’m first in line to make recommendations. If you ever need one, let me know! 

Ryan: So far, my favorite has been Blue Moose Pizza in Colorado! It’s a great, casual spot for some post-conference debriefing with your teammates. 

Jasmine: In New York City, my favorite is Eataly NYC for delicious Italian cuisine. When I visit Chicago for conferences, I love the Kindling Downtown. It has a large variety of good eats and cocktails that happen to be partner favorites! 

Our team can’t wait to see more of you on the road this year and beyond. Keep up with our travels and our event takeaways on our Events page, or reach out to Colleen, Ryan, and Jasmine to learn more about where they’re headed. 

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