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Turning Gateway Projects Into Long-Standing Ad Ops Partnerships

For nearly two decades, SEBPO has led the way as a prominent global outsourcing provider. The best part of our job? We have had the distinct pleasure of helping several partners, from ad ops clients to those dealing with back office processing perils, realize tangible and long-lasting business benefits. Not all of these relationships, however, began with a multi-year engagement in mind. In several cases, our clients have come to us with a short-term, urgent need. In these instances, we have delivered solutions for these immediate issues before evaluating a longer-term agreement. 

“We saw SEBPO as a strategic partner. Not just another team where we’re offloading tasks we don’t have time to handle. But it’s about looking at our processes, productivity, and efficiencies, and continuously finding ways to improve. That has always been our philosophy.”
– SEBPO Client

One of our longest partnerships began with just one project back in 2008. The SEBPO Team assisted in clearing a 20-year backlog of data to improve the size of the client’s database and  monetize it for third-party use. 

That relationship has since evolved into a highly collaborative partnership with a team  seventeen times larger than the first. The project served as a gateway to something far more valuable; we seamlessly integrated both SEBPO Professionals and process enhancements into their business to create a collaborative partnership that has stood the test of time.

While we excel at these individual endeavors, we have learned something far more important: 

SEBPO Illusion Of Success Infographic Graph

Another example of how an initial project turned into a long-standing partnership features one of our national agency clients who needed support scaling operations as they experienced increasing demand. They felt intense growth pains seemingly overnight, exponentially increasing their workload. Their in-house teams struggled to keep up, and the agency began seeing increased turnover, poor morale, and costly delays.

With even more growth projected, they soon realized they needed external help to scale. In collaboration with this client, we onboarded a SEBPO Ad Operations Team. Since that time, the business has integrated our roster of skilled professionals across five teams.

These additional SEBPO Teammates enabled the client to get ahead of their rapid growth while keeping their customers and internal employees from feeling the strain. 

Thanks to our best-in-class onboarding processes, continued learning, and a relationship built on trust, the SEBPO Team empowered this client to surpass their ambitious productivity expectations.

SEBPO thrives on the excitement of unique challenges and the opportunity to showcase our expertise in various core service areas. We pride ourselves on our ability to execute projects with utmost efficiency to deliver exceptional results.

Being a long-term, flexible partner offers many benefits that extend far beyond the initial collaboration. It’s through these enduring relationships that both SEBPO and our partners can fully maximize our potential. 

Contact us today to see how you can engage a SEBPO Ad Operations, Back-Office Processing, Creative Services, Customer Support, Data Solutions, Media Planning, or Quality Assurance Team to help make a lasting impact on your business.

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