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Falling for Outsourcing

An ode to outsourcing

Roses are red, violets are blue,
With SEBPO’s expert outsourcing, your goals are in view!

Increase efficiency with our highly trained teams
When you are spread thin or operating lean.

Whatever your Ad Ops, QA, or Creative ask,
We take on your heavy, time-consuming tasks!

Falling for Outsourcing

With all of the love in the air this time of year, we can’t help but count all the ways we love outsourcing and what it does for our clients. In previous blogs, we’ve compared automation and outsourcing, highlighted the benefits of outsourcing for publishers, and talked about ways you can use it to scale your team. The common thread that makes it all work so smoothly isn’t surprising; it’s our expertly trained, highly skilled, and efficient teams, who love their jobs and take excellent care of our clients. Their skill, dedication, and attention to detail are what make any SEBPO outsourcing initiative so swoon-worthy! 

That’s why we love hearing from our clients about their experiences with our teams. Through their testimonials and feedback, we’ve gathered their thoughts on just a few of the most impactful outsourcing benefits that are sure to make you fall head-over-heels for outsourcing:

The Gift of Time

“It’s huge for us to have anything taken off our plates. I know that I’m working until ten or midnight at night, so avoiding even that has been tremendously helpful for us, so thank you. You’ve been extraordinarily easy to work with, and everything’s been really accurate. Everything I’ve seen you guys do is phenomenal.”
– Digital Strategy Director

No more staying late or cracking open your work laptop on a Saturday afternoon to complete a time-consuming task. With our follow-the-sun service model and global teams running your processes behind the scenes, you won’t even think about work until you’re back in the office on Monday morning.

Practically Perfect in Every Way

“I want to thank your team. You guys have really hustled for those two weeks right before the holiday, cranking out stuff left and right. And ninety-nine point nine nine percent error-free. I really appreciate the attention to detail and hard work on everyone’s side.”
– Associate Director of Ad Ops

We strive to maintain our practically perfect accuracy percentages in each of our core service areas each year, and 2022 was no exception. We’re over the moon about our teams work toward last year’s phenomenal stats: 

  • Ad Operations Accuracy Percentage: 99.90%
  • SLA Creative Services Accuracy Percentage: 99.70%
  • Data Solutions Accuracy: 99.37%
  • Media Planning Accuracy: 99.81%
  • Quality Assurance Accuracy: 100%

We Take On the Heavy Lifting

“We are blown away at the sheer volume of reporting tasks on the performance side and wanted to extend appreciation to the SEBPO Team. We also highlighted the accuracy and how the team is managing the high volume of tasks basically without error. Great job, really appreciate the efforts.”
– SVP Planning and Monetization

SEBPO’s incredibly talented teams can take on the heavy weight of turnaround times, rush jobs, high-volume projects, seasonal increases in workload, and much more. We stay on top of the latest technologies and constantly add new platform knowledge. You can focus on your core competencies and growth initiatives, while SEBPO takes on the rest.

What’s not to love about outsourcing with SEBPO? Get in touch today to learn more about how you can start building a relationship with your own SEBPO Team of experts.

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